Are you losing out?


Are you losing out?
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Missing out on what SAP really has to offer?

SAP is not just another business system:  It is a highly complex, highly customizable and functionally-rich business system.

In my experience, just because your business runs on SAP, doesn't necessarily mean you make the best of the incredible system you have!

Surprisingly, there are sites that have SAP and still run paper-based transaction tracking, have limited visibility of the overall workload on their plates and still only realize errors have occurred when the customer contacts them!

"So what" you may ask?  Well, you are very likely wasting  money.  Lots of it and probably unnecessarily!

If you're wondering if this applies to your business?  Read these potential red flags

Maximize SAP's Potential Benefits!

Whether it's a new report you need to get visibility of a specific problem area, new configuration you need to bring in a part of the business into SAP, or merely helping your users understand how their actions impact the rest of the business, there are always improvements you can implement to cut costs and increase efficiencies.

I've broken down the discussion into 3 key areas that you can achieve this: Business, configuration and development!

The benefits I've listed below are not marketing hype or pie-in-the-sky idealism - they are relatively simple to achieve - you just need to decide you want to pursue them.... 

Following relevant items listed under the Tips & Tricks suggestions may also help you achieve a greater return.

"The Logical Solution for IT Logistics"