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My Mission

As an independent SAP professional, my goal is to help you maximize the potential value-add of your SAP purchase. 

I do this by:

striving to maximize the effectiveness of your users - that means minimizing the administrative tasks that they do, maximizing the range of tasks that can be automated and perfecting the quality of the information they use to make decisions and communicate to  customers.

doing my part to minimize your risk - by tackling the right tasks and asking the right questions at the right stage of the each implementation process.  Mistakes corrected at later stages are far costlier in "integrated implementation" scenarios - there's much more to undo - (previous answers to key questions have to be verified) before you can move forward again.  Anyone who understands how SAP works will tell you there are usually multiple ways to satisfy any given business requirement.  The key is selecting the most appropriate solution.

Unsound choices can result in anything from decreased performance to unnecessary configuration or development and maybe even major system redesign at later stages - although the latter is far less common.

striving to maximize quality - this means maximizing the number of core business requirements - within the given scope of the project - that are implemented in the system using the most appropriate standard system functionality.

adopting a consistent value-add approach to implementing the system.  I do what is necessary to get the job done - to configure the system to meet your business requirements.  Libraries of hard-copy documentation are not a substitute for effective, concise document deliverables that support subsequent implementation activities.

delivering configured systems, not near-standard systems with custom documentation!
Some company implementation approaches are to configure as little as possible in the hope that fewer changes will ensure more successful migration to production.  The opportunity lost here is potentially huge and discounts SAP's potential benefit to your business.