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Roche Work Items Detail

 The following list is a sampling of specific configuration and development activities that I completed at Roche.

This is not a complete list and - for readability - deliberately excludes testing, upgrade and other follow-on activities.  Please note that upgrade activities were completed twice at this customer site; from 31H to 46B and from 46B to 46C.

 The testing software used for testing was Quicktest and TestDirector.


SAP Master Data & Hierarchy Design

  • Refined partner master design and field coding (e.g. shared master data between sales orgs to avoid duplicate definition of master data for multiple sales organizations)

  • Refined material master design to suite material requirements (e.g definition of packing types, material type field selection)

  • Extended plant structures to handle stock reservations for restricted availability stock (addition of storage locations)

SD Transaction/Order Processing

  • Refinement of sales order and item category types used (definition of new order types as well as item categories which were interchanged between business transactions)

  • Order reason, order rejection and delivery block configuration

  • Refinement of Material exclusion/inclusion configuration

  • Configuration of partner roles in order/shipping and billing functions.

  • Configuration & coding of copy control at doc/item level

  • Configuration & coding of document flow (e.g. delivery related billing for returns,

  • Configuration/setup of collective processing variants and jobs to support the document flow – collective processing configuration for delivery due lists and default profiles.

SD Output Configuration

  • The complete requirements analysis, design, configuration and testing of this area for Order, Shipping and Invoice functions.

SD Shipping (Logistics Execution)

  • Design & configuration of shipping blocks at delivery stage

  • Refinement of configuration controlling delivery  combination and overall document flow

  • Configuration of route determination

  • Refinement of item category and document type design

  • Design & configuration of inbound shipping types

  • Batch processing configuration

  • Packing – configuration of automated packing and design of packing master data

  • Configuration of picking requirements (e.g. force no pick if delivery blocked)

  • Configuration of worklists to suit shipping requirements

  • Implementation of structures and item category processing to handle effective reservation of “reserved” batch stock.

Batch Processing

  • Refinement of batch search strategy configuration

  • Requirements analysis and configuration of Availability check settings & ATP/batch selection

SD Pricing

  • Design of pricing procedures for outbound and inbound orders.

  • Requirements analysis, design and configuration of a buying group “Best Price” approach for Roche.

  • Vertex (Tax) interface design and development (e.g. handling of separate freight tax calculation)

  • Implementation (design, configuration and coding) of approach for the preparation and release of sensitive price lists.


  • Requirements analysis, design and configuration of +- 9 SIS structures

  • Implementation of copy methods to support daily to monthly roll-up

  • Extension of standard SAP SIS updates through relevant userexits.

  • Implementation of SAP’s SIS “delta-updates” approach to enhance SIS performance.

Bolt-on Developments

  • Master Orders

  • Implementation of sales activities and output processing to generate individual orders (using a pre-defined order proposal) for address list entries in the sales activity.

  • Employed slightly modified output program (RVCASM01) to generate orders automatically.

  • Patient Assistance Program

  • Implementation of bolt-on database of patient applications used to control and validate “free good” orders.  Included design and definition of complementary business flow with checkpoints for reconciliation and problem definition.

  • Developed stand-alone dialogue transactions for capturing and maintaining Patient Assistance Application data.  Additionally, custom ALV reporting was provided to support the business flow in the system.  Sales Order userexit was written to interface with the Apllication data to control automated order blocking and rejection.

  • Order processing userexit used the application data to determine order blocks that should apply

  • Buy-in

  • Take-over and completion of a bolt-on userexit in order processing which tracked customer ordering patterns and blocked certain orders based on deviation from historical quantity rolling averages.

  • Userexit tracked order quantities over time and maintained these time buckets using a separate custom database.



  • Initial design and implementation of 3rd party returns handling via interface with extensive pricing configuration requirements.


  • (BADI) Central address management  - change US and CA only to require region

  • Extension of userexits for SIS – provision of additional fields in SIS

  • Additional checks and blocking functionality for order processing (see Bolt-on developments)

  • Additional “on-save” checks and blocking functionality in shipping

  • Additional “on-save” checks and blocking functionality in Billing

  • Extension of document flow userexits

  • Extension of almost all areas within transaction VOFM for output processing and pricing

Live Support

  • System Performance enhancement in the areas of Availability checking, shipping collective processing and order rescheduling.

  • Resolution of over-allocation issues due to SAP bugs in the handling of batch selection and availability checking in 31H.

  • Live (seamless) change of Canadian Region code in production

  • Change to customer field selection for targeted account groups

  • Early watch issue resolution regarding performance issues relating to batch determination and classification system.

  • Lead a special production-support team to monitor and address update terminate and system dump errors during go-live.  Defined documentation and support procedure for problem resolution and tracking

SAP Implementation Approach

  • Assisted in general design of testing documentation to support project as well as validation requirements.

  • Introduced test-matrix design document which improved testing quality  - formally adopted by the project development team.

  • Assisted in initial design of project deliverable documentation on MS Access