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Church & Dwight Work Items Detail

 The following list is a sampling of specific activities that I completed at Church & Dwight.

Least Cost Sourcing Project

 Explanation: “Least cost sourcing” is the automated selection of the SAP plant in the SD order by lowest total transaction cost.  Cost components include manufacturing, transfer and cartage costs, amongst others.

  • Facilitated the requirements gathering and definition of multiple requirements (sub-projects) in the least cost sourcing area.

  • Assisted in the prioritization of the various user requirements

  • Held workshops with key business users to design the first phase expansion of the custom least-cost sourcing bolt-on

  • Designed interface to new function module to support expanded group sourcing of single or multiple orders for use by forecasting, reporting and EDI order creation.

  • Designed ALV reporting facility to support user requirements under the new implementation (order, delivery least cost sourcing plus flexible ‘what-if’ analysis support).

  • Documented requirements and specifications for use by development team members

  • Supported development effort of migration of code to a global function module

Route Determination transportation zone migration

  • Collected requirements for a more granular definition of route-determination through zip-code instead of state.

  • Provided alternatives and benefits analysis for various SAP solutions

  • Lead workshops & designed configuration changes and bolt-on tables for new route determination using 3-digit zip code information.

  • Defined migration-plan and -activities for implementing the new configuration

  • Ensured that the design of the new route determination was synchronized with the expanded implementation of Least Cost Sourcing Requirements.